Happiness is not a checklist.

maanantai 12. elokuuta 2019

Nyt kun kaikki energia menee uuden työn jännittämiseen ja arjen pyörittämiseen, kannattaa lainata sellaisten ihmisten ajatuksia, joilla pyörii päässä muutakin kuin fööniharja.

"Happiness is not a checklist. A dream job, a fast car, a good home, even love, mean nothing at all if you have not yet found a way to feel full and content in your own mind and heart."
- Beau Taplin • T h e C h e c k l i s t

"She liked messy beds and movie nights without any lights on. She liked the quiet company of a few good friends. Her idea of love was gentle and silent, like a whisper of a touch. Some things are magical and magic, contrary to popular opinion, is often found in the most ordinary of places."
- unknown-

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
- Walt Disney

"I wish that you may find patience enough in yourself to endure, and simplicity enough to believe; that you may acquire more and more confidence in that which is difficult, and in your solitude among others. And for the rest, let life happen to you. Believe me: life is right, in any case."
- Rainer Maria Rilke

Iloa viikkoon, murut!

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